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You can use the links below to go the the videos shown. Videos have a "full screen" button so you can use these in your classes. Please preview videos before using in a class. Your administration should approve the videos you are showing. Be sure they are age appropriate and meet the approval of your administration and district. Some videos are very graphic.

This site, the owners, operators and anyone associated with providing these resource are not responsible for your use as content in the classroom. Do not share these links with your students without approval from your administration.

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Let's Talk About Tobacco! - This is a 6-segment show featuring a panel of experts to answer questions about how tobacco targets our youth and more.


Toxic Pool Not Quitting is Harder Break the Net
Someday Inside Out Cancer Garden
Not Cool Canada's Packages Check the Backpack
Buerger's Disease Roosevelt's Story Jessica's Asthma Ad
Tobacco Recall Thrown Away Smoking Kid
Student PSAs
S.W.A.T. PSA 2016 S.W.A.T. PSA Teens React
I'm Not Buying It Stay Nicotine Free Don't Be Fooled*
Tobacco Execs Dream Girl Bubble Wrap
Yo Tengo el Poder* How Dumb Do They Think We Are? What Tobacco Companies Get Away With
Duplin TRU Team* We Deserve a Chance* No So Different*
iCare It's Just Not Worth It* Smokers Don't Understand*
*Award winning PSAs
Music Videos
X-Out Great Anti-Tobacco Music Video (fun) Why Smoke?
 Left Swipe Dat
Official Music Video|truth
The Doctors Explain How Smoking Effects Your Body The Dirty Truth About Smoking (UK) Goofy in "No Smoking"
Smoker Lung Experiment Tobacco Industry Academy Awards Deadly Persuasion
Dip Presentation Oral Cancer Awareness Let's Talk About Tobacco - 3/6
Dr. Visit Halloween & Candy Tobacco Let's Talk About Tobacco - 6/6
Let's Talk About Tobacco - 1/6 Let's Talk About Tobacco - 2/6 Molly's Story
Let's Talk About Tobacco - 4/6 Let's Talk About Tobacco - 5/6 750 Pages of Tobacco Conspiracy
Facts About Hookah (done by students)  Rick Stoddard Speaks Out Third-Hand Smoke

Tobacco: How It Kills

Spit Tobacco Killer Drug


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