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There are literally thousands of great web sites that can help you in teaching students to avoid the pitfalls of tobacco or quit if they have already started. There are links at the right that go to our social networking sites including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest. Below that are some great government sponsored sites that you definitely should be using.

Below are additional sites. Some are from the course and some did not make it into the course. This resource is created to supplement and extend your learning so you can teach your students tobacco prevention and intervention. If you find sites to suggest, please send them to one of the support contacts with the subject "Site Recommendation".

Addiction Incorporated - With the core of a full length film that is being released, this site has dozens of clips and information about the tobacco industry, the expose', and the manipulation that continues. I spent an hour just watching videos and learning about evidence presented on the addictive processes associated with the tobacco industry. This site is a fantastic resource. Be aware that there are some clips that have language that would be inappropriate in the K-12 environment.

Venomocity - Brought to You by Addiction, this interactive site is great for all students but has a focus in intermediate or middle school levels. It's fun and has lots to learn.

TheTruth - The Truth has been one of the most visible public assets for tobacco prevention and intervention. Based on the concept that given the truth people will make the right decision, this site graphically shows extreme results and great videos that explain the dangerous results of tobacco use.

Kill The Can - This site helps those that are using chewing tobacco, dip and similar products. It's there to support you if you're ready to quit. This type of tobacco is common among young athletes. Share this with your students.

SmokeScreeners - Dr. Barry Hummel, Jr. has a history with the film industry. He was a medical consultant for many years and has many contacts in "the business." Here you can check out the "Phlegmmy Awards" and get the "Butts" rating for many movies.

Admongo - Marketing obviously goes far beyond tobacco, but the same skill sets in seeing the smoke screens marketing tactics bombard us with makes us better, smarter consumers for everything. It helps our students understand the difference between good purchases and bad purchases. When you go to this site, you will see several options that you can use. I want you to check them out in this order: Play the game! On the screen you will see a button labeled, "Play Now" You will make an account (screen name and password) so you can come back later. Play the game for 5 or 10 minutes to see how it works and where the actual advertising education begins. Go to Teacher Stuff! At the top of the screen is a link called "Teachers" that will take you to lesson plans, videos and state standards. It explains how to use the site and links to other resources including a glossary. You should spend at least 30 minutes on this site between playing the game and exploring the lessons, videos and resources.

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