May 2016 Edition

Opening day brings hope for tobacco-free MLB

When the first pitch was thrown out Sunday on Opening Day 2016, it marked the beginning of the first year in the history of Major League Baseball that some stadiums are tobacco-free.
Laws passed in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco will prohibit smokeless tobacco at sports venues. California recently passed a statewide ban. Later in April, the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Giants hosted home openers that are free of smokeless tobacco. Other laws are expected to go into effect later in the season.
Representatives of 34 health organizations, including Truth Initiative, have signed a letter calling on Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, to prohibit the use of all tobacco products – including smokeless tobacco – at Major League venues. read on

Tobacco Free Colleges

In Florida, 20 colleges and universities have taken the bold step to enact 100 percent smoke-free campus policies. Across the United States, college students are leading efforts to enact smoke-free policies on their campuses. While it is not uncommon for colleges and universities to implement policies requiring that buildings be smoke-free indoors, an increasing number of campuses have gone 100 percent smoke-free indoors and out. At least 1,182 colleges and universities in the U.S. have 100 percent smoke-free campuses, providing clean air and healthy environments for students, staff and visitors. more

Maternal smoking during pregnancy leaves its lasting mark on the child's genetic make-up

Maternal smoking during pregnancy is harmful to the unborn child as well as the mother. This is a known fact. "For the first time, we can now demonstrate that exposure to tobacco smoke also causes epigenetic changes in enhancers of gene expression," said Irina Lehmann, Environmental Immunologist at the UFZ. These deregulated enhancers are distributed throughout the child's entire genome.
Epigenetic changes form part of countless processes that occur during human development. The genetic material functions as a blueprint for all cells. In order for different cell types, e.g. liver or muscle cells, to develop, certain genes must be activated or deactivated at certain times. One of the ways this happens is through epigenetic changes which can be disrupted by various environmental factors. In their latest study, the group of researchers from Leipzig and Heidelberg revealed that epigenetic changes related to tobacco smoke increase the risk of children developing lung diseases. ~read the whole story

National Report: Florida Ranks 15th in Protecting Kids from Tobacco

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Florida ranks 15th in the country in funding programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit, according to a national report released today by a coalition of public health organizations. Florida is spending$67.7 million this year on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, which is 34.9 percent of the $194.2 million recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The report cites Florida as an example for other states because it has reduced high school smoking to a record low 6.9 percent with a long-running and well-funded tobacco prevention program. Florida has cut its high school smoking rate by 75 percent since 1998, when the rate was 27.4 percent. read the whole story


About 16% of High School Students Are Now Using E-Cigarettes

Around 3 million teens and pre-teens vape.

E-cigarette use among teenagers and pre-teens rose over the last year, and have become the tobacco product of choice among students.

Around 5.3% of middle-school students reported using e-cigarettes in 2015, which is up from 3.9% in 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. E-cigarette usage among high school students has hit 16%, and that’s significantly up from the 1.5% who vaped in 2011.

Such is the popularity of e-cigarettes, that it has become the most used tobacco product among teenagers, with around 3 million reportedly using then. Overall, around 4.7 million middle and high school students are using any form of tobacco product, and when dissected, roughly one in four high school students and one in 13 middle school students use some kind of tobacco product. Get the whole story here

"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."~Mark Twain  

M Goelz Brevard 60 point
Z Altork Palm Beach 60 point
J Politis Palm Beach 60 point
C Giles Palm Beach 60 point
K Ross-Anderson Brevard 60 point
L Barrett Duval 60 point
K Kapatos Brevard 60 point
R Roberts III Palm Beach 60 point
G Llaca Dade 60 point
H Wohlfeil Hillsborough 60 point
D Reid Palm Beach 60 point
G Spitnale Dade 60 point
R O'Neill Walton 30 point
M McCann Palm Beach 30 point
L Kendall Walton 60 point
J Howell Palm Beach 60 point
A Christopher Pasco 30 point
D Santiago Palm Beach 60 point
C Hoff Palm Beach 60 point
J Diaz Broward 60 point
J Coleman Brevard 60 point
H Ellison Palm Beach 60 point
B Hamilton Palm Beach 60 point
K Logan Palm Beach 60 point
P Stokes Citrus 30 point
M Cummings Palm Beach 60 point
A Dunlap Leon 30 point
T Veilland Florida Virtual 60 point
J Klein Brevard 30 point
P Gailey Palm Beach 60 point
M Burton Palm Beach 60 point
J Martin Pasco 30 point
A Vanlandingham Duval 30 point
K Abrams Palm Beach 30 point
M Bartlett Brevard 30 point
K Davis Palm Beach 30 point
N Clarke Palm Beach 60 point
J Thompson Broward 30 point
S Schneider Dade 60 point
K Carter Leon 60 point
C Collard Palm Beach 60 point
D Murphy Palm Beach 60 point
D Woods Palm Beach 60 point

Congratulations to Our April Graduates!

With less than1 month to go, tobacco prevention advocates are rolling up the numbers of Florida students getting prevention instruction. Now, with over 150 Florida teachers having taught prevention lessons to over 12,000 students in K-12, by the end of this year, we may have the greatest number of students taught in any single given year. KUDOs to all of our course grads!

Here are some of the latest comments we received from our participants:

* I would like to thank everyone at the tobacco prevention course for giving me valuable insight and helping me through with their comments and suggestions and giving me positive feedback on my assignments. "G.S."- Dade

* A lot of material was covered but it was important and relevant to the subject being taught. It can't be left out (because) if you are going to teach you must be fully prepared. "D.R." - Palm Beach

* This was a valuable course and wish middle and high school teachers were required to provide this with students. "H.W." - Hillsborough

* I believe that this PD was amazing, and should be required to take because I learned so many things I didn't even know. "G.L." - Dade

* I was already a strong advocate about not smoking, so this course reinforced my opinions!! And I gained insight about talking with this issue to my students. "J.P. - Palm Beach

* I think everything worked great. When I couldn't load my video I received help and everything worked. "M.G." - Brevard

* Loved the course content. Plan on using more lesson plans from lesson library for my future classes. "L.B." - Duval

* I really enjoyed the course. I am fully against people smoking now and I am talking to my students more, about not smoking."R.O." - Walton

* Enjoyed the course and the kids really enjoyed and learned a lot! Lots of helpful information that I had no idea about. Impressive amounts of references! "D.S." - Palm Beach

* This class helped me understand so much more about the effects of smoking, the chemicals used, the marketing lies and the target audiences. I loved this course. "C.H." - Palm Beach

* I loved the way the courses were formatted. The information was differentiated (the different videos and tutorials were wonderful). "J.D." - Broward

* The course was easy to navigate. I also enjoyed learning the comic and animation techniques which were both new to me. "J.C." - Brevard

* I think the most meaningful lessons the students learned were how aggressively they are targeted by the tobacco industry with the advertising. Also, the almost unbelievable chemicals that are added to tobacco products. "M.C." - Palm Beach

* Excellent course! "T.V." - Florida Virtual

* Content was excellent. There were so many statistics that, at times, it became burdensome to remember them. However, I do see the need for the information.  The teachers were readily available and obviously very knowledgeable with their feedback. I appreciated that.  I know that people cannot take a 30 hour course, but the information concerning the tobacco companies, advertising targeting kids, statistics, NEED TO BE OUT THERE. It is scary what I did not know. "P.S." - Citrus

* My Students really liked watching the videos made by other students. "K.D." - Palm Beach

* My students enjoyed the ways to say no activity. I put the students in groups and had them decide as a group which one they wanted to do: poem, rap, riddle, and I added a mini skit, or rhyme. "A.D." - Leon

* This course was great. Each specific area of tobacco prevention was easy to access even for someone like me who is not great with technology. It was easy to navigate the website and the instructions were extremely detailed and easy to follow. "M.B." - Brevard

* Overall, I am pleased with the course and am glad I took it. It opened my eyes in the area of marketing. I truly never noticed or gave it a thought...but is not for me!! Opened the door to many conversations with my children. "A.V." - Duval

* All lessons lead to in depth conversation and discussion. I feel they learned a lot about tobacco throughout the 6 lessons and look forward to teaching this Unit every year going forward. "K.A." - Palm Beach

* The material was very informative. This should be a required course for ALL middle school students. Considering that students spend the majority of their days in school, this is the ideal place for them to learn about the dangers of tobacco use and how to say no. Being a [middle school] teacher is the perfect platform to get this message across to young adults. "N.C." - Palm Beach



Tobacco Prevention Posters

Michael Cummings is the Technology teacher at Boynton Beach High School in Palm Beach County. He created this lesson plan to offer his students a chance at creating their own Tobacco Prevention Poster. The slides to the right show some of their efforts. We think this is a prime example of how this course can blend perfectly into your current curricular setting. We are able to present this material in ways that you can use in any academic setting, limited on by our lack of creativity. This content knowledge is life-long and by using means that are appropriate for your students, they will use this knowledge to help them make better decisions about tobacco use now and in the future.

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