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Registration Closes on April 26, 2019

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School Nurse Course Flyer SY19

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This year's (SY-2017) Newsletters will begin in August.  Here you'll find links and resources to the latest news and information regarding Tobacco Prevention in Florida.  Thanks for your interest. Check back again soon!

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30 Point Course Features

This self-paced program is offered at no cost to the K-12 school educators of Florida. It is available to district, charter and privates schools educators holding an active Florida DOE license. Registration can be started at

  • Multimedia that can be used as classroom assets in lessons
  • Interactive web sites with assets you can use in your classes
  • Creative methods of completing assignments and building assets for teaching
  • Interactive opportunities in two forums
  • Extend technology skills for your subject area
  • Phone support is there to help you during business hours
  • Twelve topics providing diverse perspectives on the topic
    • How Big Tobacco Got Big
    • Tobacco and Academic Performance
    • Tobacco Effects on Athletics and Fine Arts Performance
    • The Teacher Connection in the Community
    • The Addiction Gateway
    • Chemical Designs
    • Diseases Influenced by Tobacco
    • Smokeless Tobacco and Alternative Delivery Systems
    • Second-Hand and Third-hand Smoke
    • Media Literacy and Marketing Recognition
    • Student Refusal Skills
    • Smoking Laws and Youth
  • There are two forums in which you participate
  • There are two assignments to create assets for teaching tobacco prevention
  • An emphasis on your creativity and using your strengths
  • Each chapter has a quiz
  • A comprehensive test evaluates your learning
  • Creating your own lesson
    • Create one of the six lessons you teach
    • Select 5 more from our library
    • Statistical analysis to demonstrate the impact of your teaching
  • Pre-made lessons and interactives
    • Ongoing creation of lessons
    • Interactives that can be downloaded
    • Incredible impact on your students
    • Lessons are easily adapted to grade levels, benchmarks, subjects, teaching styles, and student needs

This document may be downloaded in .pdf format from here.

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