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SY19 Course Flyer


The resources below usually provide materials to help in tobacco
prevention education and intervention materials for smokers or
educators. These sites are typically free resources that can supplement
your curriculum or help someone you know.

Chancellor Lyons Promotes This Course

The Florida Chancellor of Education Hershel Lyons' message to Florida Superintendents


Geared toward middle and high school students, Taking Down Tobacco empowers young people to create change in their schools and communities – to help create the first tobacco-free generation.

How? Through comprehensive, interactive online courses.

There are introductory lessons for youth new to the fight against tobacco, as well as advanced training to help established young leaders take their advocacy to the next level.

Click here to start Taking Down Tobacco.

Quit Smokeless

Smokeless Tobacco: A Guide for Quitting

This booklet is designed specifically for young men who have decided to quit using smokeless tobacco or who are thinking about quitting. It includes reasons to quit, addresses myths about smokeless tobacco, and helps the reader develop a plan for quitting.  Download the guide HERE.

World Health Organization


Atlas 9

WHO - No, it's not the famous statue of Atlas and it isn't
the rock group The Who. WHO is the World Health Organization and they
have a fantastic web site. Their recent material for teaching is called
Atlas. This PDF (which you could easily print or show on your computer)
shows the parts of the body affected by tobacco. It also has a bubble
about chemicals in cigarettes. Best of all, it's free.

CATCH collaborated with researchers at Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health to createCATCH My Breath™, a prevention program specific to middle and high schoolers’ use of E-cigarettes.

Teacher Vision

Teacher Vision

Smoking Prevention Resources

Quit Start

Quit Start

Quit Guide App - Free smartphone apps to
download. Designed to help users prepare to quit and give support after
you quit. It's free to help.

Billionaire Vanishes Game

Billionaire Vanishes Game

The Billionaire Vanishes

A class game designed for 7th graders, they have to look for clues to find the
billionaire. This leads them through a research journey into tobacco

The Smoking Time Machine App

Smoking Time Machine

A great app to show what smoking does to someone over the years.
Now also available for Apple and Android devices.
Try using this in your lesson plan to show your students their own faces in 20 years if they smoke!


Office of the Surgeon General

Office of the Surgeon General - Yes! Your
tax dollars at work. She has a great site primarily targeting

Life is Why

Life is Why

Family and friends play a key role in helping someone quit smoking.  The American Heart Association has published this helpful tips guide for anyone that wants to help a friend or family member in this process.

Careers to Stomp Out Smoking

Despite all of the evidence of the dangers to its users, smoking continues to be one of the most serious public health problems in the world. Read on to learn more about smoking’s health consequences, expert strategies on how to quit, and how pursuing a career in public health and other fields can help others live a healthy, smoke-free life.

UF Comprehensive Evaluation

Each year the Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educators online professional development course goes through a rigorous evaluation process.  Using participant survey responses among other statistical data, this evaluation takes into account a formalized process that helps us do a better job for our participants.  Adding the 30-point course stems from comments made from past course completers.

If interested in the results of the latest evaluation, you may download and read the document here.