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School Nurse Course Flyer SY19

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There are lots of activities to help your students in the tobacco
prevention and intervention areas. Some are classroom activities. Some
are great homework activities for projects. Some are great group or
club activities.

This activity will give you a brief look at several tobacco delivery
methods in three ways. First you'll see an image of the method, then
when you click on the image you'll get a closer view with two buttons
at the bottom. The i will give you a description (text) and the
arrow will open a short video about it. Check It Out
Florida participants: Check out this great picture puzzle. Once you complete the puzzle, if you like
the picture, send us an email and we will send you a poster of it!
Works on any device or computer accessing the web. iPads require the free BookWidgets app to use.

Here is a NEW Memory Game  geared for upper elementary age (grades 3-5)
students. Matching images to diseases is a great way for them to learn
of the dangers inherent in tobacco use. Not too graphic, but it would
be a good idea to preview before using with your kids. Works on any
device or computer using the web. iPads require the free BookWidgets app to use.

Here you'll find a wordsearch and a crossword puzzle online.

The NEW Elementary Level Tobacco Jeopardy Game was created to satisfy the request of many educators we saw at conferences.

This is a much easier version of the game and can be played with the entire class if you want. Student response systems would be great for this.

For now, try the Middle Level Tobacco Millionaire Game or the Secondary Level Millionaire Game.


For a close look at what an animated video can do to inspire creativity, here are some that were made to help promote prevention and raise awareness to this deadly drug.

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