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The SY2015 Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention Course for School Teachers and Counselors is closed. We are sorry you missed an opportunity to impact your students while earning points towards certificate renewal. But there is good news! First, you have access to all the items in our support site right here. There are many resources to help support your endeavors in tobacco prevention and teaching students to make healthy decisions.

Second, PRE-REGISTRATION will begin in July. When you register for the SY2016 course in advance, you will be notified when the course is ready. This can mean an extra one to two weeks head start on the program. One year we had a teacher finish the content before school started. He taught his students the lessons during the first week of school and they were knowledgable for the entire year!

BONUS! SY2016 will launch a 30-point variation of the course. You can only take one of these in your renewal period, but if you only need 30 points, this course will still allow you to also make a positive impact on your students.

Palm Beach special instructionsMiami-Dade special instructionsSarasota special instructions

How Long Does This Take?

Why do YOU want to be part of this program?

  • In the last 4 years over 3,500 teachers signed up for this program.
  • In the last 4 years over 2,000 teachers completed the program.
  • In the last 4 years over 45,000 students received tobacco prevention instruction through those teachers.
  • Every year, teachers demonstrated a positive influence in helping students make healthy decisions concerning tobacco.
  • This yearYOU can help our children by educating them about the dangers of tobacco, how to resist the pressures of marketing and peers, and how to recognize issues related to it.
  • This yearYOU can earn 60 OR 30 teacher in-service credits as approved by your district.
  • This year, YOU can create a lesson plan that will help your students and thousands of other educators.
  • This yearYOU can teach 6 lessons, 5 chosen from our library of lessons and the one you created to help your students.
  • This year, YOU will measure the impact of an educator on students as they learn to make healthy decisions.


  • Monday, July 6th, 2015 - 12:00 PM - PRE-REGISTRATION BEGINS
  • Pre-registrants begin course as soon as testing it is complete - you will be notified via email
  • Monday, August 17th, 2015 - 8:00 AM - Official Opening of Course
  • Friday, May 6th, 2016 - 4:00 PM - Registration Closes
  • Friday, May 27th, 2016 - 4:00 PM - Lesson Plans Deadline
  • Friday, June 10th, 2016 - 4:00 PM
    • Course Closes -
    • Final Reports to DOE & Districts

NOTE: If your school system or Professional Development department requires you to complete prior to our closing dates please contact us. It is the participant's responsibility to know the requirements and restrictions in place by their district.

Participation Map - Click for larger image.

Participation Map

Some comments from last year's participants:

  • WoW! What an incredible course, very helpful and informative. I believe now, I really can make a difference in helping the lives of others. (M.P. from Palm Beach County)
  • Just a note to let you know I am loving doing the lessons with my kids. I have been doing 2 lessons a day, since I am on a block schedule and have my kids extended time each day. I am so amazed at how interested they are, how much they are enjoying the activities, and how may 'light bulbs' look like they're going on. I hope it translates to good choices for them at some point in their lives. (S.A. from Sarasota County)
  • That was probably the most interesting course I have ever taken. Thank you! (J.S. from Palm Beach County)
  • ...was very impressed with the vidoes and the easy accesibility to the website (J.R. from Calhoun County)
  • The course was easy to guide myself through and the links and videos easy to get to. (K.P. from Dade County)
  • I felt that the course was very user friendly. (T.C. from Brevard County)
  • The site loaded quickly. When I had a question about an assignment, it was answered in a timely matter. (M. C. from Dade County)
  • I took the course from home so I had no problems. (B.A. from Dade County)
  • My students and I wish to thank you all for a most outstanding program. Due to the Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention On Line Course Sy13 I grew professionally & was able to launch creative, educational common core connective lessons/activities to foster and promote life long classroom to real world learning lessons and self discovery. (J.V. from Collier County)

NEWDownload FREE Flyer-  Download the the NEW 2015informational flyer about this course. Please feel free to post it in common areas at your school or district.

FL-D.O.E. Sponsored!!!
Absolutely NO COST to Florida certified classroom teachers and guidance counselors

Technical support available to help you with problems

A proven program that teaches tobacco prevention education 

Convenient, 24/7 online access and self-paced 

In-Service Points 
Districts may award up to 60 in-service points towards teacher recertification 

(Please check with your professional development department for details.)

Florida Statewide Online Tobacco Training Course for Educators

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